The Galaxy Vibe Projector

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The Galaxy Vibe™ Projector brings your fantasies to life. Transform your room at the touch of a button!. From cute bedroom dates, parties or movie nights, the The Galaxy Vibe™ Projector suits any occasion! It even has a built in blue-tooth speaker with a remote to play your favorite songs!


The Galaxy Vibe Projector™ has high quality LED and Laser Projectors which project sharp color contrast. It has inbuilt 25 different patterns which can be controlled, with the remote!


Built-in bluetooth speaker so that you can listen to all your jams, just vibing as you watch the stars projection in peace. The projections sync with the music too!

Change the colors or adjust brightness and the stars or turn them off completely! 

It has remote control so you don't have to get out of bed to change the color or turn it off! With the remote, you can also:

  • Change the intensity of light and ambience 
  • Change the colors and patterns
  • Change the speed of effects
  • Adjust brightness and the light effects

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