Dog sprinkler pad - Sprinkler Cooling Play Mat For Dogs - Splash Sprinkler Pad for Dogs Kids

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Best Way To Beat The Hot Weather With Our Sprinkler Cooling Play Mat

Your pets can now make the most of the sunny outdoors and the best part – Your kids can join them too!
All pets love to play under sun while they still can, but a major problem they face is dehydration.
The sprinkler mat prevents this by providing both – summer fun and hydration in a single, exciting package!
Simple and easy set up, attaches to any garden hose or PVC tubing
Simply adjust water pressure to lower or higher the spray height
An exciting outdoor experience with your family, They would definitely love this.

4 Simple Steps

1.Put the gasket on the connector

2.Install the water pipe connector

3.Connect water pipe on the mat

4.Attach water pipe to the faucet and fill the water

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