Sewing Machine Mini Portable Household Small With Night Light Pedal Electric

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Small household sewing machine with expansion board, double thread and double speed, adjustable speed, automatic winding, tube sewing, density adjustable, built-in small lamp, suitable for beginners.

Product Features

1. Double-thread sewing, sewing stitches are firm

2. Double speed, adjustable speed

3. With automatic winding device, it is convenient to wind the bottom thread

4. Tube sewing function, sewing cuffs and trouser legs

5. The tightness of the upper thread can be adjusted

6. Built-in small light, can cut thread

7. The switch can be controlled by hand or foot pedal

8. Equipped with expansion board to expand sewing area



1. If the fabric is difficult to take out, you can turn the hand wheel back and forth to take out the fabric easily

2. The power switch must be turned off before replacing the upper thread, lower thread and pulling out the lower thread

3. When plugging in the power, pay attention to the switch in the "off" state

4. The direction of the needle must be correct and the thimble screw must be tightened to avoid accidents when the needle falls off

5. When using, step on the front of the pedal and pull out the pedal plug after use to avoid accidents when touching the switch

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