Rose Rays Crystal Diamond Table Lamp

£29.99 £69.99

Light Up Your Home With A Touch Of Glamour

Create a gorgeous, romantic, or warm atmosphere with this stunning crystal-embellished table lamp. The crystal shade creates a soft & cosy atmosphere that will make any room feel more inviting and comfortable for everyone.

This is the perfect gift for anyone who loves lighting up their space! Give someone special something they'll love forever!

Match Any Mood You're In

With a sing tap, you can transform the way your environment looks and feels.

Want a romantic atmosphere? Tap.

Want to just unwind and relax? Tap.

Want to get the party going? Tap.

The possibilities are endless.


Turn on this lamp, it shines like a diamond, reflecting a rose-shaped shadow, and the surrounding is immediately full of romance! 

Create An Elegant Look

With beautifully cut crystals, the stunning table lamp will add a touch of glamour to any room in your house.

Also suitable for a corridor, closet, hotel, dining room, study room, office, art display, etc.


Designed To Uplift Your Mind & Spirit

Relax and unwind in the warm glow of this new concept luxury table lamp. Use it as a bedside table lamp to soothe you to sleep.

This lamp will help ease your mind from the day to day stress. Let the warm colors of the lamp transform your space into an environment filled with positive energy.


A Sparkle Of Luxury

Using special 3D technology, this elegant table lamp gives off 3D clear lines, smooth lines with a diamond-like effect.

The refraction of the light through the crystal lamp is bright and colorful, very stylish.