Professional IPL Laser Hair Removal Handset

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Tired of shaving or expensive laser-clinic visits? 

Do you want to remove hair with ease, with no razor burn and no ingrown hairs? You now can from the comfort of your own home with little to no pain! The IPL Hair Removal Handset can be used on any body part (including your Face and Brazilian) in just a few minutes, all from the comfort of your own home! 

It’s time to Drop the Razor and Grab a Laser!

All you need is IPL Laser Hair Remover to get the job flawlessly done and last longer. It’s time to drop the Razor and grab a Laser. Save time and Money. 

This tool is designed to make expensive salon treatments affordable for all.

Most of the time, when you notice that body hair is growing, you start to think twice before you make wearing decisions.HOW to remove it?  Razorblade is known for dreaded razor burn, waxing needs higher pain tolerance, depilatory cream with the potential of irritating your delicate skin and trips to Hair-Laser Center definitely good but pricier side!   

NOW! Expensive salon treatment is affordable for all. 


IPL pulsed light penetrates into the hair follicle and gradually shrinks it under the heat and light intensity. Once the hair follicles shrink, the hair will start to fall off naturally without any pains.
The treatment itself inhibits the hair growth regeneration and left behind long-lasting silky skin.

Features & Benefits:

    • Visibly reduced hair after 2-3 months
    • Safe for use on face, body & full Brazilian
    • Adjustable for your skin sensitivity
    • No ingrown hairs or skin irritation
    • Suitable for all but the darkest skin tones
    • 10+ year lifespan (300,000+ flashes)
    • Professional results from the privacy of your own home anytime. 
    • The results are almost instantaneous. 
    • Long-lasting effect
    • Versatile and great coverage
    • Safe with no side effects
    • Easy operation with hassle-free
    • Multiple flash intensity for flexibility
    • Pulsing and gliding methods allow you to target treatment areas
    • Includes free app to schedule treatments


      How How to use: 

      1. Shave, clean and dry the hair surface area.
      2. Connect the power plug and cable to power up the device.
      3. Put on sunglasses to avoid glaring flashes to prevent discomfort in your eyes.
      4. Adjust the flash intensity level to your preference and treatment area.
      5. Place the flash window vertically and press the flash key to start.
      6. Use skin care cream to moisturize your skin after the treatment.


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