Healthy Premium Wooden Squatty Potty Toilet Stool

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Wooden Squatty Potty has been dedicated to providing durable and affordable home and bath products so as to improve living quality of people around the world. Trust and satisfaction from customers are the most effective motivation for us to make progress. What we specialize involves in bathroom tools, personal care and cleaning tools, home cleaning tools and etc.

Wooden Squatty Potty helps you to simulate the natural posture of defecation, which relaxes the puborectalis muscle and relieves the bowel to save your time of defecation. The sitting posture causes puborectalis to become tighter than usual, restricting smooth bowel movement.

It's very sturdy as far as the hinges go. They lock in place & you have to press a release button on each side to unlock them, impressive quality Impressively takes up almost no space and will live at the base of my throne for the time being but I appreciate having the option to put it away if needed.


Why is Wooden Squatty Potty Toilet Stool?

 A. Made of durable bamboo material, durable, safe and healthy.

 B. The toilet stool can help you adjust the angle to simulate a natural defecation squat posture.

 C. It helps to press your abdomen into your thighs to form an inclined angle for optimized defecation.

 D. Fold it outside and inside with a collapsible design when using without spending time for complicated installation.

 E. Easy to store after using.


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