FORT BUILDER - Kids Construction Fortress Building Kit

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Let your kids become their playroom architects
It includes 51 sticks and 36 balls
If, as a kid, you ever wanted to create a skyscraper, rocket or pyramid, now you can! FortBuilder is a special construction package that allows your children the ability to build something from scratch. You can build anything from intricate forts, cave, play tent, rocket, home, igloo, fairy castle, tunnel, and more by using the flexible sticks as beams and balls as connectors.
Create, play, tear it down and repeat, FortBuilder never loses the power to enchant your children's minds. It is time to build your very first fort, cover it and explore it from inside with a blanket!
  • Build Your Own Kingdom- Assert it for your own room! From the 85 bits, build your grand fort and live out your days as a true king!
  • Spark Creativity and Imagination- A great imaginative toy to play with 2-3 or more kids. Children work together to prepare to fix challenges and create various narratives.
  • Reimagine Your Playground- When walking with the intricate structures, playtime is now more engaging than ever. The middle of the game is still Fort Builder!
  • The Architectural Pinnacle- Unleash your imagination and you'll be able to create the most complex structures and objects. Create a cave, play tent, rocket, home, igloo, castle of the princess, cavern, pirate ship, teepee, and more. To build a hideaway, just add a blanket.
  • Plenty enough to create further- Comes with 54 sticks and 36 ball connectors. 

There is no architectural feat that your children will not replicate. The playground will never look the same with FortBuilder - Fortress Building Kit for Kids Construction.


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