Electric Heating Lunch Box



This is the perfect Lunch Box to keep food warm and fresh! Use it safely where ever you go, home, office, school, camping or traveling. Its high temperature resistant and is environmental friendly.

It is not only stylish and fashionable but also without odor and its healthy. The steam device is designed as a round cover, keeping the food fresh. The use of PTC heating elements is safer and more convenient. The design of recycle heating in low power keeps the food warm and fresh. Dual-function for heating and keeping food warm.

The dish box and rice box are separated, so that you can take food conveniently. Easy to carry the durable handles and surrounded by hand-clasping.

110V/12V 2 in 1 Electric Lunch Box – It comes with two different power cables: 110V for home use and 12V for car use. You can not only cook your food at school, office, or on the go with our Electric Lunch Box, but also while driving to your work.

Material is Safe and High-Quality – The electric lunch box is made of food-grade PP plastic, which is high-temperature resistant and eco-friendly. The interior of the container is made of 304 stainless steel, which is one of the highest-grade steel series. Since the parts are removable, the lunch box is easy to clean.

PTC Heating Technology with High Efficiency – Using PTC energy-saving heating components to prevent overheating. To maintain food at a reasonable temperature, use a low-consumption heat cycle. Warming the food generally takes 20-50 minutes. (The heating time should be increased if the meal was taken out of the fridge or if the ambient temperature is low.)

Large Capacity Tray – Our electric lunch box comes with two removable food containers (a stainless steel inner tray and a plastic salad box) that comfortably divide your various dishes. The capacities are 1.5L and 0.45L (53 and 16 ounces) respectively. You can heat fruits, veggies, soup, meat, and a ton of other food.

Elegant and Portable Design – The lunch box dimensions are 23.5x11x17.5cm / 9.3×4.3×6.9inch; it has a fashionable appearance and a portable handle that allows you to transport the meal anywhere, such as in your car or office. The waterproof construction of the plug port can keep it out of the water while not heating, making it ideal for a picnic, road trip, or camping.

Please kindly know that this lunch box is not airtight, so please not overturn the device while packing liquid food like jam or soup.