3 Pack - Spiral Slide Partitioned Cereal Bowl

  • Soaking cereal in a regular bowl can make it difficult for the cereal to stay crisp because it has been soaking for too long.

  • The cereal bowl never gets soggy. Hate soggy cereal? Try our Spiral Slide Partitioned Cereal Bowl!
  • A perfect bite every time. The Spiral Slide Partitioned Cereal Bowl has two sections for separating wet from dry -
  • 1. the upper area for the cereal
  • 2. Lower area for milk storage


  • Say Goodbye To Non-Crisp Cereals
    The separate wet and dry design keeps food/snacks from getting wet. Will keep cereals crisp. Leaves you with a long-lasting crunch without any sogginess.
  • Get The Crunch In Every Bite!
    Designed with a spiral chute, enjoy bite after bite of cereal crispness and milk in one easy motion.
  • Ergonomic & Anti-Spill
    With the ergonomic built-in handle, you can be sure that the bowl won't slip out of your hand and make a mess. Easy to hold and no mess when watching TV or lying in bed. Deep sides prevent spillage.
  • Safe & Easy To Clean
    Food grade ABS material, BPA free, washable and easy to clean, microwave and dishwasher safe.
  • Multifunctional & Practical Separating Bowl
    Also suitable for other snacks: fries and dip, milk and crackers, soup and crackers, fries and ketchup, vegetables and dip, etc.
  •  A must for any snack lover! Ideal for children and adults.