Lift Up Board of 9 in 1 - Home Exercise Station

Push Up Rack Board 9 in 1 helps to wonderfully tone your muscle so you can preserve your body strength & look fantastic!
Our 2021 Home Comprehensive Workout Station is a groundbreaking full home workout station with colour coding that strengthens and sculpts the entire upper body (chest, neck, back, and arms) and lower body (glutes, quads and calves) while engaging the entire core.

Isolate and work on every sub-muscle of your chest, shoulders, upper back and triceps for the best and quickest results!
Push ups with vigorous cardio to remove calories, plyometrics, and simple drills for a whole body workout are paired with this demanding strength and conditioning method. Using this 30 minutes a day will help you grow muscles and tone them, eat calories and lose weight.
You will preserve great form with the Ultra Drive, execute the exercise easily and get mind-blowing, noticeable results!

A quick adjustment in hand positioning when it comes to push ups provides you with a new target muscle and difficulty level... You will find out better now and improve the outcomes!
Save Money and Time!
You will strengthen muscles, gain stamina, burn calories and lose weight in just 30 minutes a day with this push-up board. In just 30 minutes, imagine being able to do a killer full body workout in the comfort of your house! It's costing you too much time right now to get to and from your overpriced workout! You'll be able to make time for your wellbeing with no excuses.


  • Color Coded Muscle Match.
  • Heavy duty board system with multiple positions and angles that sculpt and maximize the upper body definition.
  • Foldable and Portable.
  • Premium, Cushioning, Non-slip Handles.