Large Adventure Backpack


The Viral Cat Backpack


Our backpack allows you to always bring your fur baby with you. Shopping, outdoor activities, Starbucks? No problem! Jemmone backpack is also perfect for public transport & veterinarian appointments.

Why is this bag better than all the others?

  • An exceptional capacity of 25lbs | 11.5 kg: no matter how much they weigh, your pet will be comfortable. This is the best capacity on the market.
  • Several ventilation spaces to allow your pet to enjoy the trip in complete safety
  • 100% safe and breathable
  • Two storage pockets on the sides
  • Reduce anxiety & stress
  • Bubble or grid, it's your choice. This backpack comes with both.
  • Adjustable and comfortable straps with chest strap
  • You can attach the harness inside for added safety
  •  Large capacity: suitable for several kittens, 2 cats or a large cat (maine coon breed)
  • Possibility to roll and attach the screen above the bag

What are the uses of this backpack? 

  • Hiking & outdoor activity 
  • Veterinarian appointment
  • Airplane & car 
  • Public transport

Bag weight: 2 lbs | .9 kg 

Bag dimensions:  | 38 cm x 14.6 in 29 cm x 11.4 in 45 cm x 17.7 in


    The Large Adventure Backpack is perfect for hiking, camping & outdoor activities.

    Are you ready to get many compliments? Ditch your old cage. Bring the backpack to your appointment and enjoy!


  •  Public transport
        Our backpack is perfect for car ride, plane travel, bus tour, and more.