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Invisible Hearing Aid Pair

Our Affordable hearing aid  can help eliminate your frustration, improve your relationship with your loved ones, and help you enjoy your life. 

Invisible Hearing Aid -Our devices are completely discreet. 

Premium Quality – Our hearing aid is designed to mimic the inside of your ear canal, that way they slide right in without any discomfort and blend in with the rest of your ear.

Powerful and undetectable - Our devices are small but powerful They work for mild to severe hearing loss allowing you to never miss what people are saying to you. It helps you regain your sense of sound. 

Very affordable - Hearing aids can be ridiculously expensive. At Jemmone we keep our prices low so that everyone can afford them because it’s  everyone right to hear. Conventional hearing aids can cost thousands of dollars (up to £3500+). We’ve made our devices extremely affordable. 

Smart Noise reductionIt is so advanced that it senses when someone is speaking to you and automatically reduces background noise, so you hear them, and only them. 

Tinnitus masking.  Our product boosts the sound around you to help overcome the sound of tinnitus and make it less noticeable. 

Easy removal. They have tiny wires attached to them. To remove just give a little tug. 

Made for masksThey will not get pulled off when wearing or removing face masks.

Ours are the best hearing aids value on the market.” 

Our hearing aids are powerful, comfortable, undetectable, and will not break the bank! They mimic the inside of your ear canal. They slide right in without any discomfort and blends in with the rest of your ear. They have many life-changing testimonials and are quickly becoming the most sought-after hearing aids in the world! 

They're powerful, comfortable, undetectable and won't break the bank!

Virtually invisible, the HueHearing aid sits comfortably inside your ear. In fact, many users say that people can’t even tell they’re wearing a hearing aid.

Whether you are watching television, at a dinner party, at church, your hearing will be clear and comfortable in a variety of settings — thanks to its advanced technology. 


What is included: 

2 Pairs of hearing aid

1 Carry Case  

1 A10 Battery 

3 Sized Ear Domes (small, medium, large) 

1 Wax Guard 

1 Cleaning Brush 

1 Instruction Manual 

No one will know that you have hearing aids onJust charge them when you go to bed and they will last you all day. 

These will be the best hearing aids you have ever tried! We can guarantee that. 

Order these hearing aids now and hear every word in your conversation. 

Get your life back and feel confident without spending a fortune. 


Light and Comfortable 

You can wear them all day without getting any irritations. 

Our guarantee is  that these will be the best hearing aids you have ever tried!

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