Give Your Baby the Best Nose Hygiene Device Available in the Market

How to Choose the Best Nasal Aspirator for Baby

- Select one with multiple operation settings. This will ensure that it can be adjusted according to your baby’s needs.

- Find one that can be easily cleaned in no time. It will make the entire procedure much faster and much easier.

- Select an nasal aspirator with safety features that will ensure you of safe cleaning sessions with your baby’s sensitive nose.

A Baby-Friendly Way to Maintain Proper Hygiene for the Young Ones

Parents need to select the best gadgets for their children especially when it comes to their health and hygiene. There are many available products in the market but nothing comes close to the nasal aspirator. It helps babies relieve clogged nose and make them breathe easier in an instant.

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  • CLEAN YOUR BABY’S NOSE EASILY. The nasal aspirator comes in baby-friendly designs that are easy to work with infants and toddlers. It’s the least hassle and damage-free baby nose technology available.

  • ADJUSTABLE OPERATION SETTINGS. The baby booger sucker comes with 3 levels of suction power fit for different users and preferences.

  • REUSABLE TIPS. Take advantage of the 2 reusable nasal aspirator tips that comes with the package. These can be rewashed and used multiple times to save the environment.

  • LCD SCREEN DISPLAY. The baby nose sucker comes with an LCD display screen and music to comfort babies who may experience anxiety with electric objects.

  • PORTABLE. When the situation needs for a snot sucker, you can always provide the solution to the problem by bringing the device wherever and whenever. The baby nose suction can fit small purses and bags with its small dimensions.

What the Package Includes

- 1 piece Baby Nasal Aspirator Snot Sucker
- Gourd-Shaped and Funnel-Shaped Silicone Suction Nozzles
- Tweezers
- User Manual
- Device Case

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