Super Bright Floor Lamp


With its minimalist style, Super Bright Floor Lamp complements any modern space and decoration. It’s perfect for to position beside your sofa or your favorite reading nook. You can save more space because this corner lamp is slim enough to be placed behind other appliances.


If you want a super bright light without expensive or harsh fixtures,  Super Bright Floor Lamp is enough to light a large room. Its head easily pivots and shines light in any direction that you need it. It is a perfect illuminating device for modern houses or rooms with small spaces.

The slender body of the lamp can slide into narrow corners, and its base fits underneath most couches recliners and reading chairs, greatly save your space. Also, it never overheats, so you do not burn yourself every time you touch it.

Its simple yet classic design makes it easy to place in any room including industrial, mid-century, modern, art deco, urban, retro, elegant, and stylish, or even upscale rustic and contemporary decor.