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Pool Leaf Vacuum

This Garden hose pool vacuum can be a good substitute for an expensive pool vacuum that uses rechargeable or regular batteries, help you to save a good chunk of money.  easy way to remove leaves from your pool with this master leaf remover.      


NO BATTERY: It does not need batteries but instead is powered by the garden hose, No electrical parts, and batteries to worry about either! The suction depends on your water pressure and the length of your hose. As soon as the water was turned on, this little thing got to work!

WORKING PRINCIPLE: This easy to assemble underwater cleaner is simply powered by the water pressure from a garden hose. The water from the hose enters the vacuum and creates a suction effect. The powerful jet suction make quick clean-ups a cinch

EASY TO USE: Easy to install, no filter system needed, the parts interconnect and no tools are required, attaches easily to any standard garden hose or vacuum hose. 2 wheels aid in easily maneuvering the vacuum along the pool floor

APPLICATION: Jet vac works well for quick pick-up spots in pools and in smaller bodies of water like above-ground pools, splasher pools, ponds, fountains, spas, and water features. Fantastic, inexpensive solution for small pool owners.

Keep your pools clean and fresh

This is the Best Automatic Pool Leaf Vacuum Underwater Cleaner

that quickly collects underwater debris without bulky hoses, electrical cords, or requiring connection to a pool’s filtration system. Also, works great as above ground pool vacuum for the large leaves that may be floating on your pool. 

The untethered, submersible swimming pool vacuum connects to any standard pool pole and weighs less than 2 lbs., providing optimal maneuverability.

Its internal high-flow pump quickly removes detritus from pool walls and floors, cleaning up to 1,171' sq. per hour.

CORDLESS: Perfect for quick and easy cleaning on the swimming pool bottom or surface skimming. Works independently from the pool filtration system, no garden hoses or cords needed.

HIGH CAPACITY LEAF BAG: The Pool Blaster Leaf Vac includes the extra-large all-purpose leaf bag for quick and convenient leaf pick-up on the pool bottom or pool surface. Picks up leaves, seeds, and twigs right off the pool floor.

EASY OPERATION: Push-Button operation. Lightweight and easy to use by hand or attach to any standard telescopic pool pole. Weighs less than 3 lbs.(pole not included)


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